About our initiative

About the project

Teaching for heroes (TFH) is a new charitable social project initiated by students and graduates of leading schools and universities in Kazakhstan, the USA, Great Britain and other countries. We started this project to provide support for doctors and make our contribution to the fight against COVID-19. Today, each medical workers is our hero standing at the forefront every day of the virus war.

Teaching For Heroes created an online platform bringing together representatives of the new generation who are ready to learn and share their knowledge with each other. Children of doctors from 8 to 16 years old can receive free online lessons to practice their English speaking skills with top-class teachers. Whether they are interested in sports, art, travel or medicine, they will always find an inspiring mentor with us. They can choose from among over 400 teachers who are fluent in English. Thanks to a simple and convenient online platform, we quickly connect students and teachers, providing both parties with a flexible schedule and a convenient booking system. We partnered with Nativated.com, an online English learning platform, that also offers access to over 300 students from Oxford and Cambridge.

Our motto – Inspire! Support! Share knowledge!

We want to expand our initiative globally to help healthcare professionals worldwide. Our initiative was born in Kazakhstan, where the pandemic situation suddenly worsened in June 2020. The country, which was least affected by COVID-19 this spring, has suddenly experienced a sharp increase in disease since the beginning of summer. This situation prompted us to take serious steps and start helping. As the next step, we plan to launch similar initiatives in other countries that are severely affected by the virus.

Ilya Kan
Initiator of the campaign

Our Hearts for the medics
Logo of the initiative